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Smiles App Revamp

The project aim was to revamp a leading mobile application in the UAE to make it more engaging, usable and delightful. We used nuances of gamification and reframed the information architecture and navigation to make it more scalable for the future. The design outcomes focused on revamping the discovery, a refreshed UI to decrease the visual load and a


How might we create a refreshing rewards marketplace that is easy to  explore and delight to use for young parents in the UAE?


UX/UI Lead Designer


12 weeks


Super app- Lifestyle, Food, Travel, Entertainment, Rewards

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The people of UAE have traditionally used Smiles to enjoy the exciting rewards, benefit from the savings on vouchers and as a platform to pay their telecom bills.

What happens when the product owners wish to exapand their offerings from 8 categories to 20+ categories? How might we help young folks living in the UAE discover, navigate and enjoy in this reward marketplace?

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Information architecture

Learn more about our benchmark study

A deep dive into our research methodologies & findings

Learn more about what we learnt from our users

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