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about me

Heyyyoo! I'm Sakeena, an award-winning multi-disciplinary designer. Graduating from Pearl Academy has laid the foundation for my design journey. Currently, I work as an Innovation Design Team Lead at Accenture The Dock- Accenture's global flagship R&D and innovation hub making really cool stuff!

But hey, my design adventures don't stop there! As a firm believer in sharing knowledge, I also devote my time to mentoring aspiring designers. You'll find me guiding and inspiring design students at universities and various online platforms. And yes, even those brave enough to slide into my DMs!

Beyond the realm of pixels, prototypes and presentations, I'm a self-proclaimed board game geek and dancer, always ready for an intense gaming session or Bollywood night out. And let's not forget my refined taste in memes – I'm a true connoisseur! I have a weakness for tangy lemon tarts and a steaming cup of good coffee...they're my ultimate guilty pleasures!




Winner, Arth 2020

Indiefolio & Zee Entertainment

Finalist- TISDC 2019

Taiwan International Student Design Competition

Winner 2019

HP Changemaker Bootcamp + Indiefolio

Winner 2019

We The Women, Asia

Top 10, India 2017

Puma Design Competition


The Evolution of Thought While Being Quarantined

Kaircut- Podcast

Design as a form of story- telling

Mumbai's Growing Creative Scene is Luring in Graphic Designers

100 issues of design in India

DNA Newspaper

Top 25 in India

Project- Irani Cafe, Something Special & KFC


Tuition fee waiver for bachelors course in Design

NABA, Milan

An all paid trip to study at NABA for their 2 week summer course in Graphic Design

STEAM School

Maker's Asylum

speaking engagements

Are we out of Touch?


Usability Testing

Art of Creative Conceptualization

Design Sundays

Pearl Academy


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