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KFC Bucket Canvas

KFC recently reached the milestone of having 600 restaurants all across India. To commemorate this milestone, they wanted to launch a unique bucket for each city they are presenting, At the end of they will release a series of limited edition buckets that represent their presence all over India across 150 cities.

Their brief was to design unique KFC buckets to represent the cities of- Indore, Surat and Udaipur. The art style used is a dynamic flat illustration technique inspired by contemporary minimalism and is spread across the packaging canvas. The main elements of the people girdle the fluid nature of the composition. I love involving deeply research-based artefacts and paints a story through movement in my style.


How might we celebrate the milestone of KFC opening 600 stores across India so as to highlight the local culture in a unique and attractive way?




2 weeks


Fast food, Culture

myimage (1).jpeg
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