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Airtel Experience Evaluation

To create a leading payment and financial management app in the UAE by making everyday tasks using artistry and bring not only an ease of use to the user but also moments of delight while using it. The design outcomes focused on being purposeful, directive and beautiful.


How might we analyse and evaluate the Airtel experience so as to provide insights and experience goals for its users?


UX Researcher + Visual Designer


2 weeks


Telecom, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Culture


The Airtel Ecosystem

Ecosystem Mapping.png

Process & Scope

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Benchmark Analysis

Key Findings

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Frame 56.png
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Recommendations: Core Experience Enhancers

Design System

At present, Airtel’s design language is not cohesive across its various app offerings. Having a consistent design system not only enables better user experience, but also helps establish better brand recall and trust.


The most successful competitors in the streaming video and music space are known for their personalized and accurate recommendations through which they are able to keep their users engaged. This is one of the most critical enhancements that Airtel needs to offer in order to enhance acquisition.

Visual Aesthetics

Airtel must work towards providing its users with industry-leading visual experiences across all its apps with an emphasis on using visual design principles such as harmony, balance, hierarchy, scale, contrast and dominance.

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